Financial Professionals serving the needs of the GLBT community


Oct 2015  James G. Anderson, CFP®, CIMA®, Jennifer Hatch, CFP®


LGBT Couples Still Face Financial Discrimination

by Jennifer Cummings


Oct 2015  Debra Neiman, CFP®

US News and World Report

5 Ways to Invest in LGBT Rights for Great Returns

by Joanne Cleaver 


Oct 2015  Ryan Miracle,CFP®, Joshua T. Hatfield Charles,CFP®, Jennifer Hatch, CFP®


Post-marriage rulings, U.S. LGBT clients still have unique needs

by Jennifer Cummings       


Sep 2015  Stuart Armstrong, CFP®

Bloomberg Radio Interview post FPA National Conference                            


June 2015  Joshua T. Hatfield Charles, CFP®,  Jennifer Hatch, CFP®  


Same-sex couples face the music: First comes love, then taxes

by Beth Pinsker  


June 2015  Joshua T. Hatfield Charles, CFP®  

Market Watch

How gay couples should plan finances ahead of the Supreme Court ruling

by Priya Anand


June 2015  Joshua T. Hatfield Charles, CFP®,  

Financial Advisors

Same-Sex Court Ruling Answers And Creates Questions for Advisors

by Karen Demasters  


Feb 2015  PridePlanners, Joshua T. Hatfield Charles, CFP®,  Sharon Rich, Stuart Armstrong, CFP®, Russ Weiss

Investment Advisors/Think Advisor

Rainbow Warriors, LGBT clients need help protecting their finances from a blitz of varying state law

by Olivia Mellan and Sherry Christie       


Feb 2015  Marc Delphine

The Bay Area Reporter Online | Business Briefs

"Gay jeweler forges LGBT wedding business ... Pro-gay investment fund launches"


Oct 2014 PridePlanners, Kathy Stearns, CFP®

Investment News

Supreme Court's gay marriage decision has advisers scrambling

by Bianca Flowers and Joyce Hanson       


April 2014 


by Michael L. Sangirardi, CFP®

Gay couples should ponder finances


June/July 2014  Marc Delphine

Unite Magazine Business Edition

"Investing in LGBT-Friendly Businesses: Equality Funds, Inc."


July 2013 PridePlanners

kbk wealth connection blog

Financial Advice for Non-Traditional Couples

by Kathleen Burns Kingsbury

How to Give Financial Advice to Couples (book) by Kathleen Burns Kingsbury 


July 2013 PridePlanners

National Underwriter Life & Health

LGBT: The emerging market closest to home

by Emily Holbrook


June 2013 Joshua T. Hatfield Charles,CFP® and Stuart Armstrong, CFP®


Supreme Court Decisions Bring Financial Advantages For Gay Clients

by Ted Knutson


June 2013 Joshua T. Hatfield Charles, CFP®

Trust Advisor

Dead DOMA Spells AUM Bonanza for LGBT Wealth Planners

by Roland McMillan



June 2013 Joshua T. Hatfield Charles, CFP®

Investment News

Financial lives in flux as DOMA decision awaited

by Liz Skinner


June 2013 Deb Neiman, CFP®, Stuart Armstrong, CFP®

Financial Planning

Gay Rights Rulings Have Big Impact for Advisors

by Ingrid Case


Oct 2012 Joshua T. Hatfield-Charles

Financial Planning

Same-Sex Couples: The Emerging Client Niche

by Elizabeth Wine" 


June 2012 Prideplanners

New York Times

"How Same-Sex Couples Can Find Financial Advisers" by Tara Siegel Bernard 


Feb. 2012 Deb Neiman, CFP®

Journal Financial Planning 

Estate Planning for Unmarried Couples: What Financial Planner Need to Know

by Richard Stolz


Nov. 2011 Sharon Rich

Bank Investment Consultant

The Challenges of Advising Same-Sex Couples

by Savita Iyer-Ahrestani


Sep. 2011, Stuart Armstrong, CFP®

Investment News         

The Financial Planning Association is beefing up efforts to get its members to embrace diversity.


October 2010, Stuart Armstrong, CFP®, J.T. Hatfield Smith, CFP®

Financial Planning Association National Conference Speakers


Insurance Strategies for GLBT, Nontraditional and Unmarried Couples, Stuart H. Armstrong, II, CFP®

Unmarried and gay couples and the heads of nontraditional households do not generally have access to the same tax and legal protections available to heterosexual married couples, especially on a federal level. Learn how insurance can be even more vital to these groups in terms of accomplishing workaround strategies in estate, survivor, and long-term care planning and health insurance. We'll also cover various ways insurance products are evolving in terms of underwriting, features, benefits, discounts and tax consequences.


Planning for Unmarried CouplesJoshua Hatfield Smith, CFP®

Financial plans for unmarried couples must consider asset and family protection along with portfolio building. Learn about the challenges that come with planning for unmarried households, including reviewing more than 40 planning issues specific to these communities. Whether you work with unmarried couples in the gay and lesbian community or with seniors who have lost a spouse, these planning topics are crucial to providing appropriate protection and planning. Understanding these issues is key to providing comprehensive planning.



August 2010,  Dana Levit, CFP®

Kiplinger's Personal Finance magazine, August 2010

Finance Basics for Partners


June 3, 2010, Stuart Armstrong, CFP®,

Shifting into retirement gear

by Jeff Wuorio


May 2010, Sharon Rich, Ed.D.

Napfa Naitonal Conference, Round Table Discussion

Issues facing Gay, Lesbian & Unmarried Clients


February 2010, Stuart Armstrong, CFP®, Sharon Rich, Ed.D.

Named Five Star Wealth Managers

Boston Magazine;jsessionid=39467E949F32212D99E8E8CA906EA02A?proTypeId=2


February 2010, Stuart Armstrong, CFP®


Money Tips for Gay Couples;col1


October 2009 - Susan Moore, CFP®, Dana Levit, CFP®, Stuart Armstrong, CFP®, Gail Horowitz, Esq.  & Sharon Rich, Ed.D.

PridePlannsers Presents! As part of Women's week in Provicetown, PridePlanners members presented a series of workshops open to the publc.  Sponsored by Seashore Point.



October 2009 - multiple members of PridePlanners

Financial Planning magazine,

Unwed and Planning ... see article summary at Articles of Interrest or click on link:



July 2009 - James Tissot, CFP®

did three videos for DJ Newswire to be posted on TBD



June 2009 - Debra Neiman, CFP®

answered readers of the Boston Globe's questions online



May 2009 - James Tissot, CFP®

did two videos for the Wealth Channel



April 2009 -  James Tissot, CFP®

spoke at the Log Cabin Republican Confention



January 2009 - Stuart Armstrong CFP®

referenced by Trends from Ink & Air,

"Gay Seniors Cannot Depend On Estranged Children for Elder Care
Long Term Care Insurance protections maybe vital in non-traditional relationships"

   Gay seniors, fifty years old or older, urgently need to consider long term care insurance for a variety of reasons that are specific to unmarried couples. Many gay seniors did marry and have children. While it is changing, there may still be estrangement between gay seniors and their biological children who will not respond to calls for care giving.

   With most couples, the obvious caregiver is a spouse. Gay couples, however, for whom marriage and civil unions are relatively new, find there is less cohesiveness, and often no legal structure to bind a healthy partner with an unhealthy one. Even though federal law allows a non-relative to pay for medical care costs of $13,000 annually without it becoming a taxable gift when the payments are made directly to the provider, it seldom happens. If the relationship was fragile, the healthy partner may walk in the event of a catastrophic illness of the partner, compassion and morality aside.

   Many elderly gay seniors are reluctant to ask their family or children to help them pay for their care, or they try to go without it. Consider the following possible scenario of Scott and John, who became a couple after they met in gay father’s group. Neither had a relationship with their children. When Scott needed rehab care to recover from surgery, John was unwilling to pay for his care, jeopardizing Scott’s full recovery, not to mention the tension and strain on both.

   Long term care insurance becomes a very useful tool, even an essential tool, for long term care planning for unmarried couples and non-traditional couples. Such insurance may make it possible for an individual or couple to hire in-home care or to pay for the right kind of assisted living or nursing home care. When you have insurance you can hire the level of care you feel is appropriate for you providing it is within the parameters of your policy.



December 2007  Niche Marketing to Gay and Lesbian Prospects: 7 Case Studies. 

Agent's Sales Journal
by Lisbeth Wiley Chapman
PridePlanner founders and board members are highlighted.

Personal data stresses how important it is to encourage agencies and agents to create a marketing campaign targeting gay and lesbian professionals.  ... The following are some examples of how other producerts have integrated gay and lesbian marketing into their practice.... Niche Marketing to Gay and Lesbian Prospects: 7 Case Studies



November 2007   Investment Advisor Magazine. ... "We rarely bookend the magazine with the same news item or theme, but we are this month. I'm writing in this space about the PridePlanners conference I attended in October, and we have our monthly Soapbox written by the current PridePlanners president, Dana Levit. "... Read more ...



2007 PridePlanners Conference Announcements


July 31, 2007   PridePlanners Member, James Tissot, CFP®  wins the Heart of Financial Planning Distinguished Service Award.   James Tissot, CFP®, for his leadership in the financial planning profession and his dedication to underserved communities. He has instructed and mentored many financial planners and helped prepare those who were thinking about becoming independent planners by serving as a panelist for the “Bridge the Gap” forum in New York. He has also used his knowledge to give back to the community by providing pro bono financial planning for those with HIV/AIDS, as a member of the PridePlanners Association and provided several programs on non-traditional family planning throughout the New York community. James also serves on the Chapter Leadership Resource Council (CLRC).

March 8, 2007  Debra Neiman, CFP®

quoted in "Outing Suze Orman's investment portfolio"

by Chuck Jaffe

....    Says Debra Neiman of Neiman & Associates Financial Services in Arlington, Mass.: "A big premise of financial life planning is that you shouldn't go there with a client unless you have been there in your own shoes. You need to be comfortable living with the advice you give out, because you are making the same kind of decisions."

   "Suze is investing as if she was a retired grandmother with no heirs," adds Neiman, who is a founder of the Pride Planners group, which represents advisers who specialize in serving the gay and lesbian community. "That's not the description of the ordinary person who is out there taking her advice."   ...



March 14, 2007. How to Pick a Financial Planner.  .... For the LGBT community, there is PridePlanners, an organization of financial, tax, insurance, and estate planning professionals who service our community as well as non-traditional couples and families. ...

April 28, 2005 - On April 28th the New York Chapter of the Financial Planning Association held its annual Spring Forum at the Roosevelt Hotel in Manhattan. We conducted a panel on same sex couples and their families. James Tissot, CFP® acted as moderator. Panelists included Lisa Padilla, J.D., LL.M.; Jill Miller, J.D., LL.M.; and Joseph Rokacz, J.D. it was an open discussion format. The presentation was well received and was the most requested panel for a repeat performance.


January 2005 - Partners in prosperity - Same-sex couples represent a major growth market for progressive-minded LTCI producers -Both Stuart H. Armstrong II ChFC, CLU and PridePlanners were mentioned in this article by David Port, of Senior Market Advisor.


It’s no secret within the financial services and wealth management industries that the aging of the baby boomer generation will provide senior-oriented professionals with unprecedented opportunities to grow their businesses for years to come.


August 2004 - Debra Neiman, CFP®, with Neiman & Associates Financial Services, LLC, was  interviewed in the article "The Post-Nuclear Age" by Kristen French, Financial Planning.

     You know the statistics: only 24% of the 105 million U.S. households consist of married couples with kids--and some of those people are remarried with blended kids. The message: financial planners should be prepared to work with divorced single parents, adoptive parents, blended families, same-gender partners, grandparents caring for grandchildren and adult children caring for aging parents.

     From there, the article offers some mini-case studies of nontraditional clients and their advisors.

     Debra Neiman, of Wakefield, MA is working with two women who were recently married under Massachusetts law. Alas, most of the 1,400 rights and benefits of marriage at the federal and state levels are still not available to them, so the goal is to plug the gaps. The couple won't be able to use survivor benefits to transfer assets tax-free, so Neiman has raised their life insurance coverage by 40%. They have opened jointly funded accounts to avoid triggering the gift tax. Despite the marriage, they still have to file separate returns for federal and state taxes, plus a "phantom" federal return that says they're married so they can calculate their state tax obligations correctly. The lesson here, not explicitly stated, is: don't try this at home. If you aren't skilled or trained in this area, then bring in planning, estate and tax professionals who can plug the gaps. The article recommends the Pride Planners network of financial planners as a place to start.



July 5-12, 2004 - Susan Burns, CFP®, of Snug Harbor Financial Planning, Inc.; Stuart Armstrong II, ChFC, ;and Debra Neiman, CFP®, with Neiman & Associates Financial Services, LLC, were quoted in the article "Serving an Empowered Clientele" by Warren S, Hersch, National Underwriter Life & Health, that discusses the need for advisors seeking to work with same-sex couples to be prepared to handle complex financial planning and an uncertain legal environment.



July 5-12, 2004 - Ellen Wade was quoted in the article Same-Sex "I-Do's' Make Companies Grapple With The How-To's," by Jim Connolly, National Underwriter Life & Health, that discusses some of the employee benefit issues that employers and same-sex employees must consider.



May 20, 2004 - Sharon Rich, Womoney in Belmont, and John LeBlanc, CFP®, Back Bay Financial in Boston, were interviewed in the article for called Gay marriage solves,creates money issues, by Chuck Jaffe.



May 18 ,2004 - Susan Burns, CFP®, of Snug Harbor Financial Planning, Inc. in Marshfield, was highlighted in an article in the Cape Cod Times called "For same-sex spouses, finances only get more complicated"

May 13 ,2004 - Susan Burns, CFP®, of Snug Harbor Financial Planning, Inc. in Marshfield, was a guest speaker on the Delores Kong Show on Business 1060, discussing financial planning advice for same sex couples planning to get married.



April 12, 2004Debra Neiman, CFP®, with Neiman & Associates Financial Services, LLC, was interviewed live on CNNfn television to discuss the financial implications of gay marriage with hosts Ken and Daria Dolan.



March 26, 2004 - Sandra Reynolds, CFP®, spoke at the University of Rhode Island 10th National GLBT Conference on March 26, 2004. She spoke about the financial planning issues faced by the LGBT

community. The topics ranged from the need for a will to the potential impact of same sex marriage.



March 24, 2004 • "Finance: Gay marriages, gay money" undefined Reuters,  Deb Neiman, CFP®, and PridePlanners were mentioned in this article By Linda Stern.



March 07, 2004Advice for Same-Sex Couples - PridePlanners Association was asked to comment in the article pubilshed by Santa Fe New Mexican - Estate planning undefined “A same-sex couple’s best friend is a good estate-planning lawyer,” said David Walter, a Santa Fe divorce lawyer. “There are ways of tweaking the tax laws.” PridePlanners Association ( specializes in estate planning for gays and lesbians.



February 18, 2004 • PridePlanners Member, James Tissot, CFP®, Director of Career Development, FPA-NY, along with Lisa Padilla presented, "Beyond Ozzie and Harriet; Planning for the Newly Defined American Family," an FPA-NY sponsored event.



InvestNews1203cover.gifDecember 2003
Gay Couples to Reap Financial Benefits

Advisers with gay clients need to pay attention
by Rick Miller
Eager to tie the knot with her partner of nearly 25 years, financial planner Sharon Rich says she’s already planning a May 18 wedding undefined six months after a state Supreme Court ruling

endorsed gay marriage.

Read more about it ...









November 2003 - Debra Neiman, CFP®, with Neiman & Associates Financial Services, LLC, presented on Financial Planning for non-traditional families at the Success Forum 2004 (November 1-4) in Philadelphia, PA



October 2, 2003 - William Morse, CFP®, of the Ziegler Investment Services Group appears in the October issue of Milwaukee Magazine. Bill discusses financing options for remodeling your home.



October 2, 2003 - William Morse, CFP®, of the Ziegler Investment Services Group appears in the October issue of Northshore Lifestyle. Bill discusses various options for funding college expenses.



March 2003 - PridePlanners LLP was quoted in the March Edition of Cape Cod Times' The Bottom Line (Local business news in brief) article Planning for nontraditional couples. Read the article.

March 2003 - William Morse, CFP®, of the Ziegler Investment Services Group is in the March/2003 issue of Better Homes and Gardens in the cover story titled "When remodeling makes Dollars and Sense." The article discusses when remodeling makes sense and how it fits into over all financial planning.



February 2003 - William Morse, CFP®, of the Ziegler Investment Services Group was in the Feb/2003 issue of Milwaukee Magazine discussing college funding using 529 Plans.



November 19, 2002 -PridePlanners™ Association was asked by the Gay and Lesbian Advocates and Defenders (GLAD) to submit a statement of interest in the right to (gay and lesbian) marriage case brought forth against the Massachusetts Supreme Juducial Court. Our statement of interest instructed the Court as to the nature of our organization, the composition of our membership, and the fact that we are keenly aware that without the right to marry, our clients must go through extensive processes to protect their families. Furthermore, these processes still do not equate to the protections granted to married couples.

By submitting this statement of interest, PridePlanners Association, along with a distinguished group of organizations such as the Boston Bar Association, signed onto the Amicus Brief that was filed with the Court. Click here to read an article highlighting the marriage case from Bay Windows newspaper.

It is important that you let us know what is going on in your state so that we can take action. We have much more influence as a group of over 110 professionals than we do individually. Please keep us posted on what is happening in your state by emailing us at



September 2002 - Financially protecting gay families crucial, experts warn - Deb Neiman,CFP®, Neiman-Maloy Financial Group Inc. was interiewed for the September 2002 edition of the Bay Windows article on the importance of increasing awareness of the need for financial planning for same-sex couples.



September 2002 - Debra Neiman, CFP®, with Neiman-Maloy Financial Group, was interviewed for a story on National Public Radio’s (NPR) Marketplace segment that is will air the week of September 2 at 6:30 pm. The story is on investor behavior during bear markets. In Boston, you can hear NPR on WBUR 90.9 FM. To listen online, visit



May 2002 - Debra Neiman, CFP®, with Neiman-Maloy Financial Group, will be featured in the May 2002 edition of Kiplinger’s Personal Finance Magazine. The article entitled “What's Love Got to Do With It?” focuses on how unmarried couples who live together must take measures to protect their financial future, from medical care to homeownership to retirement planning.



March 23, 2002 - Sharon Rich presented a session on "Financial Planning for Gays and Lesbians" at The Boston Globe Money Matters Personal Finance Conference and Expo on March 23, 2002.



May 2002 - Debra Neiman, CFP®, with Neiman-Maloy Financial Group, will be featured in the May 2002 edition of Kiplinger’s Personal Finance Magazine. The article entitled “What's Love Got to Do With It?” focuses on how unmarried couples who live together must take measures to protect their financial future, from medical care to homeownership to retirement planning.



Debra Neiman: Planning for Nontraditional Couples -February 2002 - Deb Neiman, CFP®, Neiman-Maloy Financial Group Inc. was featured in theFebruary 2002 edition of the Journal of Financial Planning article on financial planning for nontraditional couples.



Socially Conscious Investing Proliferates - January 2002
Deb Neiman, CFP®, Neiman-Maloy Financial Group Inc. was quoted in the January 2002 edition of the Financial Advisor Magazine article on socially responsible investing.



Serving Gay Clients - December 2001 edition - Registered Representative magazine
Members Sandy Reynolds, John LeBlanc and Deb Neiman, CFP® talk about the nuts and bolts of dealing with this segment of the population.



December 20, 2001 - Deb Neiman, CFP®, Neiman Maloy Financial Group Inc. was featured on Business 1060 AM radio’s The Boston Business Journal AM Edition with Dave Anthony and FPA of MA members Bonnie and Brad Bleidt. Deb talked about financial planning strategies for year-end and 2002.



October 28, 2001 - Boston Herald/ - Money solution by Sharon Rich, Womoney.



October 27, 2001 - Sandy Reynolds talked about "How to find a financial planner" at the Money Conference for Women.



Bad debt drags down future plans- August 5, 2001 - Boston Herald/ - Money solution by Debra Neiman, CFP®, Neiman Maloy Financial Group Inc.



July 26, 2001 - Deb Neiman, CFP®,of Neiman-Maloy Financial Group, Inc. appeared on the July 26, 2001 FOX evening news. She talked about the IRS rebate checks and how stores like Home Depot are encouraging taxpayers to spend the rebates before they are even received. Deb suggested that taxpayers first take a hard look at their own situations and invest in themselves - fund emergency fund, IRAs and pay down debt rather than spend it.



Sandy Reynolds of Financial Planning Alternatives, Sharon Rich of Womoney, and Deb Neiman, CFP® were featured on Provincetown’s WOMR 92.1 for organizing the first PridePlanners National Conference for financial advisors who service gay and lesbian clientele. The trio and the conference also appeared in numerous publications, including the Boston Globe, Financial Planning magazine, Financial Planning Interactive, Investment News, Bloomberg Wealth Manager, Financial Advisor,, America On-line, and National Underwriter. John LeBlanc and Dana Levit of Back Bay Financial Group, and Charlo Mauror of Peace of Money helped organize the event.



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